Teachers & Staff Members

The staff at T3 is an amazing group of dedicated, professional, and talented educators.
All Teachers have atleast a Bachelors Degree & are TTC or Montessori Trained.
Staff members are trained in First Aid, Communicable Diseases and Child Abuse Detection/Prevention.

Our teachers are empathetic to children's emotions and parent's needs and understand that:

  1. Young children can be loud, emotional and irrational. Our teachers are patient with young kids who have a tough time expressing themselves or need lots of help learning skills. Good writing and speaking skills will help them record and deliver children's progress to parents.
  2. Keeping young kids' attention requires creativity and continuously think of new and innovative ways to engage children to learn.
  3. Being able to communicate difficult concepts to kids in a way they understand is crucial.
Our employees are committed to the school's mission and vision. We emphasize being cooperative, flexible, optimistic and caring about the children, families, and people we work with.