Recycling Revolution

Join the revolution, don't waste..create!!!

We encourage the collection of Reusable and Recyclable material at our

The REBANK is a place to collect, store, sort, modify and then let our imaginations soar with our Recycled media. A place where teachers will be able to draw on resources for craft and creative projects. Where the imagination will give every day and mundane objects NEW life and meaning.

We hope that as parents of a T3 Child, you will all embrace this project and be active in collecting the exciting material we use by starting a recycling program in your home.

Below is a list of items to collect. Please feel free to offload at the reception.
  1. Paper ( construction plans, gift wrapping, crepe, tissue, stickers, candy wrappers, paper bag, shredded, confetti, cardboard, etc.)
  2. Glitter, beads, etc.
  3. Styrofoam
  4. Strong Cardboard Boxes/ Cartons
  5. Milk & Juice Tetra packs (washed and dried)
  6. Paper Towel Rolls
  7. Egg Cartons (any kind)
  8. Interesting plastic containers, cups, and tubs (plain, any colour)
  9. Pringles Cans, formula tins or similar
  10. Ribbon, yarn, string, rope
  11. Buttons and beads of all description
  12. Wire (plastic, metal, thin, thick, just not barbed)
  13. Fabric scraps
  14. Unwanted scrapbook supplies
  15. Netted veggie bags
  16. Broken or unwanted jewellery
  17. Plastic Lids and Caps
  18. Unwanted CD's and CD boxes, cassette tape boxes
  19. Old Picture frames
  20. Broken or unwanted candles
  21. Marbles
  22. Gently worn clothing (jeans, tee shirts, ESPECIALLY lonely socks in decent shape)
  23. Storage bins and baskets
  24. Sea shells, seed pods, interesting nature items
  25. Feathers, interesting rocks, weird wood
  26. Unused Paper plates
  27. Cotton stuffing, fibre-fill
  28. Old pegs
  29. Rubber bands all sizes and colours
  30. Bubble wrap, sponge wrap
  31. Old Books, old maps
  32. Wood pallets, wood scraps
  33. Ice cream sticks or similar
  34. Old plastic file dividers and binders
  35. Silver foil paper from inside cereal, crackers or the seal of a bottle
  36. Big juice or water bottles
Any interesting material you can imagine a creative use for!!!! It will all be put to fabulous use!!