What Makes Us Eco-Friendly?

In keeping with the ethos of The Talking TreeTM, we are proud to provide an eco-friendly operation to ensure our environment is as healthy, safe and green as possible.

All of the paints used in our school are odour free with zero VOC. We adhere to the policy of low energy consumption by using high-efficiency appliances and CFLs.

To achieve excellent indoor air quality and reduce the children's exposure to toxins, we use non-toxic, sustainable and non-allergenic material. Our furniture is made of wood that comes from responsibly managed forests.

Learning Materials: We carefully choose toys, art supplies, and learning materials that are free from harmful chemicals and lead. We made every effort to select equipment that is made from sustainable materials and come from manufactures that demonstrate environmental responsibility.

Toilets & Cleaning: Low-flush toilets are installed in our bathrooms. We use earth-friendly cleaning supplies and least toxic sanitizing products.

Pest Control: We have hired an environmentally-safe pest control company. They offer all-natural, green alternatives to the dangerous chemicals used otherwise.

Educating our staff: T3 management always shares its "green" ideas and best practices with the entire team. We provide information and tips for going green on the road, at home and, of course, at work by addressing such issues as energy and water saving methods. We believe in Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

We provide our children with Bio washed T-shirts which are entirely chemical free. It protects the tender skin of small children from allergies. Bio wash makes a huge impact on the environment by reducing our carbon footprint as an institution.

School Documents: All our school documents are printed on Recycled paper. We believe in paper-less communications and try to restrict the use of printed documents.