Student Kit

Upon admission, we provide each student with a Student Kit that includes a School bag,
Student Diary, Workbooks, 2 T-shirts and an apron along with other important items needed for schooling.

We request you to please label each item with student name and Class. The books provided, should be covered (old newspapers will work here!) and sent back to school with the child. 
Please send with your child at the beginning of each term a set of clothes in a clear cloth bag with his/her name label. We will keep this in the school for a change in case of any diaper accidents. If unused, the clothes will be returned at the end of the term. If your child needed a change then please resend the clothes after they've been washed.

We also encourage you to send with the above a small blanket and pillow (only if you wish)
neatly packed and labelled. We will let the kids use these during movie sessions or even story telling sessions as we want them to wind down, relax and enjoy.