Age Group

We accept children between the ages of 1.6 years to 4.6 years and our children are divided into the following groups:

Curious Crawlers: (1.6 years to 2.6 years) :

The key requirement at this young age is to engage the child in constructive activities in order to enable them to build confidence in themselves. Their classroom is a warm and happy space where they can settle in and have a fun and positive first experience of school. We encourage children to explore concepts such as texture, size, shape and weight through a variety of gross and fine motor games and fun-filled activities to satisfy their curiosity!

Busy Bugs: (2.6 years to 3.6 years)

The Busy Bugs are involved into imaginative play, creative activities and quiet concentration. The engaging classroom environment draws in on the child's imagination. The teachers concentrate on expanding their language skills and help in developing a thought process that is essential for socialization and integration. Group activities teach them team work and participation along with the values of sharing and turn-taking keeping them busy!

Happy Hoppers (3.6 years to 4.6 years)
At this stage, we begin preparing the child for an easy start and excellence in their school life ahead. We provide opportunities for children to learn through carefully planned activities that challenge each child's skills in language, arithmetic, science in addition to physical activities, music and art. By this age, our children are competent and confident to face everyday challenges and opportunities and are caring individuals. These attributes will remain with them and lead them to a happy and successful career ahead. We therefore call them our "Happy Hoppers"