Our Dream


Dear Parents,

The Talking TreeTM is not just a Montessori Preschool but rather an initiative to restore today's children back  to their roots.

It worries me to see kids engrossed for hours before a TV set, laptop, mobile and other gadgets. In this age of digitalization, our kids have forgotten what it feels like to plant their own garden or to nurture an animal. When I conceptualized the school, it was with the sole purpose of providing my students with a nature-friendly environment that makes them want to come to school.

Besides, in the current social structure of nuclear families and working moms, we understand the need of a good learning center for the little ones.

We ensure you that your child is in trusted hands and what they take from T3 (its what we lovingly call our school) will be unparalleled by any  other institution.

Looking forward to a new generation of nature loving, smart, intelligent and happy individuals!

Sincerely Yours,
Nausheen Ahmad.


T3 was born with a desire to encourage, nurture and maintain the innocence of the young at such a precious time in their lives.

We feel proud to unveil an entirely innovative concept where children are pampered to grow and learn with the various elements of nature!

I believe, if we utilize this time to not only focus on academics but also incorporate kindness and compassion towards people, animals and the environment in everyday lessons by setting an example through our own actions, our society will have a brighter future.

I eagerly welcome you to a world where your child is sure to have an engaging, rich and interesting experience.
Inspire and let explore!!!

Warm Regards,
Zohra Ahmad.