Welcome to The Talking Tree

The Talking TreeTM: FunSchool and Montessori is a children's learning center with a unique nature friendly approach. A preschool, that doesn't just focus on world class academics or extra-curriculars' but emphasizes on embracing nature.

We call our school The Talking Tree because we want our kids to hear & appreciate the sounds of nature & become ambassadors of a greener planet. Today, when the virtual world has overtaken their lives we believe in bringing kids back to nature.

Children are encouraged to learn life skills and grow through free play. We do a host of activities in a fun and creative way so that our children are nurtured to bring out their best. Our school is therefore more of a FunSchool rather than a Preschool.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect children with the external environment, while delivering the most trusted early childhood education & overall growth. We emphasize on teaching our children about the natural world & ways in which they can give back to the community.

Our Vision

Our kids are the seeds of social investment that we sow today and who will blossom as trees with a strong foundation tomorrow!

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